mercredi 30 septembre 2020

Show us your hobby's

This is mine, The wife and friends say i'm crazy, But hell i have some fun, Off to compete at our most popular and Biggest Burnout comp in Oz in January 2011 (just remember this car is right hand drive) Thats me steering

What's your hoe doing?

Hi All, I saw a thread or two in other areas that are a showcase of the projects you have but I hadn't seen one in this section... I'm curious to know both what projects you've done, and what get's your BHL's use most.

I'll post a few pictures below and I'll have to update some as well. My biggest use is knocking over dead trees and dragging them back to a pile or two and digging holes in the pond to build the big dirt pile seen in one of the pictures or creek to fill in holes from removed...

What's your hoe doing?

Zx30u-2 seal kit for cylinder arm

Can someone please help me locate a seal kit for my zx30u-2. My local dealer cant help me because the part# doesnt come up in his computer. 4634032. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

mardi 29 septembre 2020

another 580c project. .

new guy here. Just got a 580c that has been sitting for years (upwards of 10). Started up immediately after I hotwired and jumped it. Got key now, so I won't need to do that anymore. I proceeded to blow the return line to the hydraulic filter. Replaced that with a hose that cost me $250. There's another return line that has a pinhole. I'm thinking about cutting it and hose clamping a hose onto it as a temp repair, but i am unable to find what the return pressure is supposed to be. Anyone...

another 580c project. .

EX120-2 and Dr Ex Software


I have been tinkering with a ex-120-2 for a year now. It was leaky and uncared for. I been fixing the leaks, but shortly after buying last year the hydraulics went out (it was real jerky and would stall when I would steer hard right before it all went out). Anyways I replaced the dp sensor, angle sensor, filters, center joint seals (leaky), and swing reduction seals (leaky). Still need to do oil cooler and stick cylinder. I check the solenoids on the top of the pump too, seem to be...

EX120-2 and Dr Ex Software

Thoughts on putting a magnet inside a final drive?

What do you guys think of placing a strong magnet on the inside of a planetary? To catch metal particles. Behind the cover. Or perhaps getting one of them very large magnets and just sticking it on the outside of the planetary cover?

Dual Purpose Dump-Tractor

Has anyone made their dump truck into a dual purpose Dump-tractor? Something that the dump bed can easily be removed and a fifth wheel installed. I have some ideas floating around on how to do it, but looking to see what others have done too. Being a small operation and trying to stay cost effective this is one ave we are looking at doing.